“My fellow women, please join me in appreciating Mrs. Chinyere Ironna!” Mrs. Akudo Azuka, the president of the Christian mothers’ association at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church, Umunze said with a glowing smile on her face. She had the microphone to her mouth while her left hand gesticulated feverishly. Chinyere Ironna walked majestically towards the altar. Her resplendent wrapper glowed brilliantly. The entire women in the church hall rose to their feet, clapping energetically. “This young woman is a real star,” Akudo continued. “She has offered scholarships to numerous indigent children in our community. She and her husband have been a massive support, financially to our parish. They have given and given much more to ensure that our able priest is well taken care of. They recently installed a new Lister generator here in the church and at the parish house.

“What about widows? Every Christmas, Chinyere offers bags of rice, canned tomatoes, clothes, fish, yam, garri and numerous other food items to widows. We are blessed to have Chinyere Ironna as one of us. She gladly agreed to return home despite her tight schedule in Enugu to be with us for this year’s August meeting. On behalf of the Christian mothers of St. Patrick church Umunze, I hereby call on our able parish priest, Rev. Father Chukwuani Idoko to confer a befitting title on Mrs. Ironna.”

By now, Chinyere was standing before the priest who smiled at her. “Please sit down, Mrs. Ironna,” the priest said. Chinyere sat on a lavishly decorated couch. A young lady appeared from behind the altar with a gold colored crown that glittered vibrantly. “We must celebrate our own!” The priest began. “Just as the Israelites celebrated their kings and heroes that rescued them from the snares of their enemies, we have gathered here today to celebrate you, Mrs. Ironna. You will never lack. For every thousand you give away, you will get millions in return.” “Amen!” The congregation bellowed.

“I hereby confer on your, the title of Ezinne (A good mother). You are a mother to the young, the old, the forgotten, the weak and downtrodden. May your years be long. From now on, you shall be called Ezinne Chinyere Ironna.” A raucous applause rocked through the church. Cameras clicked repeatedly – some with their smart phones, some with dedicated cameras and some with iPads.

“What a wonderful wife you have,” Nze Okafor said to Ekechukwu Ironna, Chinyere’s husband. Ekechukwu who was due to fly out to China that week had to cancel his planned trip to join his wife for the Ezinne ceremony by Christian mother’s association in Umunze. “I am a lucky man, Nze Okafor. This woman is an incredible woman. I don’t know what I’d do without her,” Ekechukwu replied. “Just thank your God, my son. Thank God every day. Most men would kill for what you have.” “Well, not this one. I’d kill the person before they get any close to me. I love her that much,” Ekechukwu teased. “I myself would kill too if I had such a beautiful, kind, strong, and intelligent wife like your wife,” Nze Okafor replied with a broad smile.

“Just hearing you breathe in my ear sends shivers down my spine,” Chinyere Ironna said. She squirmed and slammed her hands against the king size bed in sheer pleasure. You are driving me crazy…you are driving me crazy!!!” She shouted. A hotel staff cleaning the adjoining room could hear the sexual kerfuffle unfolding in the room next door. He pressed his ear against the wall in an effort to hear more. He could tell that a sexual encounter was in progress. They were in a hotel in Onitsha. They had recently started using the hotel for their sexual rendezvous.

“I could not wait to rip those jeans off your body and make love to you,” he said. “I wore hem for you…especially for you, because I know how much you like me in tight jeans,” Chinyere replied, breathing heavily. “Really? Just for me?” “Everything I do is for you…just for you my dear! I like the way you ripped my jeans off like a lion tearing a zebra to shreds on the African plains. The wild passion in your eyes, they send me into a sexual frenzy. Tear me apart, darling. Spare nothing of me. Tear me like a mad dog…I am all yours.”

They made love over and over again. In the end, Chinyere rose to her feet, reluctantly getting out of bed. “I have to shower and dash back to Enugu,” she announced. “That is the part I hate the most,” Rev. Father Idoko said. “I hate it when we have to split up and return to our various, sad, boring abodes.” “We have no choice, my dear. I am glad you and I can manage some time together, no matter how short. Not to worry, darling. Ekechukwu is travelling to India and China in a week’s time. I will spend a few nights with you somehow. I can’t wait to make love with you all night. I have been waiting to spend days with you just making out. First, we can drive across the Niger Bridge to Asaba. There, we will attend a party…it promises to be a heck of a party. I am told you could do anything there. Are you thinking what I am thinking?”

“You are more imaginative than myself, Chiichii. You tell me what you are thinking.” “There is a pool at the mansion where this party is billed to take place. Are you getting some ideas now?” “I think I am!” “Right in the pool…we can do many things in there. Gosh! Just thinking of it makes me want to jump back in bed with you.” “You can jump back in by all means, my dear!” Chinyere heeded his plea and rolled back into bed. Seconds later, she was naked underneath him as they both inhaled and exhaled like marathon runners.

The hotel cleaner walked down the hallway, vacuuming dust off the floor. Chinyere opened the door and walked out casually, heading towards the stairs as fast as she could. The cleaner’s eyes were fixated on her. I think she came out of the room where I heard a lady making love with someone a while ago, the cleaner thought. He set his vacuum cleaner aside and ran down the stairs on the west end of the building. He was on ground floor before Chinyere made her way to ground floor. From his vantage point, he could see her clearly. It is her…yes, it is her, Ezinne Chinyere Ironna, wife of the multi-millionaire, Ekechukwu Ironna, he thought to himself. He took out his phone and took a few shots as Chinyere entered her car. She had no idea she was captured on camera. The cleaner made sure to capture her plate number as her Lexus jeep exited the compound.

The cleaner ran to the reception quickly. Elochukwu was on duty. He had a crush on Elochukwu and everyone on staff knew about it. He was in the habit of buying her gifts and going the extra mile to help her when they both worked together. “Elo!” He said with a smile on his face. “You look smashing in that dress.” “You have seen me in this dress multiple times, Nzekwe,” Elochukwu countered. “You look smashing in everything, Elo. Even your…you know, your birthday suit!” “Hahaha!” Elochukwu laughed loudly, tilting her head to the left. Her Bob Marley braids swayed elegantly. Damn! She is very pretty, Nzekwe thought. “Is that what you are thinking of…my birthday suit?” Elochukwu asked. “I think everything about you, Elo…you know that.”

“That is topic for another day. What can I do for you?” “Elo Baby, I need your help with something small please. You saw the lady in tight blue jeans that just walked past here, right?” “Yes, I did. Why?” “She was in 344. Please could you help me check whose name the reservation for that room is under?” “You know I am not supposed to do this?” “I know, but it is between us. I know that lady. I need to check out something about her, please.”

Elochukwu’s elegant fingers moved effortlessly on the computer keyboard. Nzekwe’s eyes were fixated on her bosom as she worked on the computer. “You said room 344, right?” “Yes.” “The room was reserved under the name, Martin Idube.” “Thank you my queen!” Nzekwe said as he dashed back upstairs. “Who be your queen?” Elochukwu asked him as he left. “You of course; my one and only!” He said with a cheeky smile as he raced upstairs.

Nzekwe took a good position at the end of the hallway from where he could see anyone exiting room 344. Nearly an hour later, Rev. Father Idoko emerged. He donned a pair of black trousers, a well ironed white long sleeve shirt and a pair of black shoes. He clutched a black bag as he walked along the hallway towards the stairs. Rev Idoko! Nzekwe thought. He was visibly shocked. It is Rev Idoko of St. Patrick’s Catholic Church, Umunze. I am sure he does not know me, he thought as he glared at Rev. Father Idoko from the corner of his eye. As soon as Rev. Idoko entered the stairwells, Nzekwe raced downstairs and took the same position he had occupied earlier. From there, he took clean shots of Rev. Idoko.

“Yes! Yes! Yes, my love,” Chinyere shouted. I missed you all day darling. I don’t know what I am going to do when you travel to China and India, sweetheart.” “I will miss you a lot too, honey. Not to worry, I will call you every day. Before you know it, I will be back home and in your embrace again,” Ekechukwu replied. “And I will be waiting impatiently, dearie!” “I won’t be long honey. I have to leave for the shop now. Are you still travelling home for the Christian Mother’s meeting this weekend?” “Yes darling.” “Is your driver coming with you?” “No honey, I will drive myself. I told him not to worry. It is only the village. I will be alright. Your bath is ready sweetheart,” she shouted from the master bathroom.”

About an hour later, Ekechukwu’s Mercedes SUV emerged from his mansion. There was a man outside his gate waving at him. “Who is that?” He asked his driver. “I have no idea, sir,” the driver replied. There was a look of bemusement on his face. “Should I call the security man, sir?” “Yes, please do.” The driver pressed a button and three security men dashed out of Ekechukwu’s compound. “Who are you?” They asked Nzekwe, having nabbed him with brute force.



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    In as much as what they are doing is wrong, I guess some people should learn to mind their business and not be to nosy. It's left for the husband to be observant and find out himself the kind of person he married. It's funny how some people aren't contended with what they have but they should have gone somewhere remote if they wanted to be discreet.