“Who are you? Are you part of a kidnapping ring?” One of Ekechukwu’s security men asked Nzekwe. “No…no sir. I am not a kidnapper. I just wanted to pass a message on to Mr. Ekechukwu.” “What message?” “It is something I must tell him in person. I was asked to deliver the message directly to him.” They searched Nzekwe thoroughly, while scanning the area for kidnappers. “Sir, he is not armed and there is no indication that he has company,” Ekechukwu was informed. He stepped out of his SUV finally. “What do you want, young man?”

“I have some information that might interest you, sir.” “And what might that be?” “I am not at liberty to disclose it here, sir. I was told by my boss to tell you to call this number, sir.” “And who is your boss!” “He goes by the name, Chief Nnamdi Diribe.” “I don’t know him. Where is he from?” “He is from Udi, sir. He said you would not understand, but when he talks to you over the phone, everything will be clear to you.” Nzekwe handed him a piece of paper with a phone number scribbled on it. Ekechukwu looked askance at it with a frown on his face.


“Look, if you are playing pranks on me, I will find you and when I do, you will be in hot boiling oil.” “I am not playing pranks on you, sir. I promise. Chief Diribe said the information he has to offer you is very important to you, sir.” “Okay, I will give him a ring now.” “He said to call on Tuesday, sir. He is out of the country now.” “Well, I will be out of the country on Tuesday. I am afraid; I will have to call him when I return to the country. Dange! Take a picture of this man in case we have to look for him or report him to the police,” Ekechukwu ordered.

Rev. Idoko entered his pre-booked hotel room. He tossed his bag to the side and peered excitedly at his watch. One more hour before Chinyere arrives, he thought. He could hardly contain his excitement. He quickly changed into a pair of boxers and undershirt. Lying on the bed, he turned on the TV and gazed morosely at the screen. He could not stop thinking of Chinyere.

Chinyere steered her Lexus Jeep towards the hotel. She too was excited. She was itching to get her hands on Idoko’s muscular body. She had been seeing Idoko for years…even before she married Ekechukwu. Her town and Ekechukwu’s shared the same Catholic Parish. When she was a single girl, she was very active in church. One evening, she was on duty at the parish house cleaning and cooking. She was billed to be on duty with a friend of her, Nnedimma, who did not turn up because her mother had gone down with malaria. Except for the security man who was at the gate, the parish house was deserted. When Idoko drove into the compound and saw Chinyere, whom he had been eyeing for some time, he quickly asked the security man to take the night off.

“Hello beauty, how are you?” he asked Chinyere. “Fine Father,” she replied bashfully. He walked over to her in the kitchen, placed a hand on her shoulder and began to massage her neck area. Then, he reached for bosom. “No Father,” Chinyere resisted him halfheartedly. His strong arms sent electric waves through her body. “Come on, I have been thinking of you. I too, have feelings. Just this once…I beg of you, just this once,” Idoko pleaded, while groping her. “No…no,” she said feebly, closing her eyes.

He pressed on, planting his lips on hers. Shortly afterwards, their lips were talking to each other, wading and thrusting passionately. Idoko then carried her to the master bedroom where he defiled her. Afterwards, they did it over and over again. About a year later, Chinyere was married to Ekechukwu, the most eligible bachelor around town. They continued to see each other after Chinyere’s marriage to Ekechukwu.

She climbed the stairs briskly. On reaching the door, she banged gently on it. Idoko sped to the door and yanked it open. He pulled her in, shut the door and began to remove her clothes. With animalistic desires, they yanked and pulled at each other with unbridled passion. He climbed her as he had done several times as they consummated their passion. “Three days…three days, my baby. I can’t believe we are going to be together for three good days. I have been thinking of doing it in the pool since our last time. I can’t wait, baby!” Idoko said exuberantly.

“Me neither, honey. You are my first love, my true love. I can never leave you, Idoko. I hope you never get transferred far away from here. Yes, tomorrow night will be amazing. In the pool, we will make love never before!” “I hope there will be no one at the party that knows us.” “Not a chance. I was told of the party by a girlfriend from Benin who lives in Lagos. I went to University with her. Not to worry, she is coming with her sidekick too, so she can’t tell on us. She is married too.” “Okay,” Idoko said, relaxing finally.

“You mean all flights to China are cancelled?” Ekechukwu asked the airport staff. “Yes sir. A volcano on the major flight path to China erupted, releasing massive layers of ash in the air. Visibility is very poor, so all flights have been suspended until the ash cloud clears,” she explained. “Do you know when this ash cloud is likely to clear?” “No one knows, sir.” “My goodness, I have meetings to attend…important meetings.” “I am sorry, sir.” Ekechukwu peered at his watch momentarily. “So the flight is definitely not leaving tonight?” “Yes sir.”

He returned to his hotel. Once in his room, he dug up the number that Nzekwe had given him. He had been thinking of the encounter since he flew out of Enugu to Lagos. He dialed the number and placed the phone to his ear. Nzekwe was in a small room used by cleaners on the third floor. He had seen Rev. Father Idoko and Chinyere arrive. He was planning on taking pictures of them whenever he got the opportunity. More importantly, he had wired the room with a tiny video camera recording from behind the couch facing the bed.

He had found out through Elochukwu that Idoko and Chinyere always asked for the same room. Suddenly, an unknown number appeared on his phone screen, which jangled as it vibrated energetically in his pocket. “Hello,” he said into the receiver. I would like to speak to Chief Nnamdi Diribe. I was told to call you by one Mr. Ifeanyi Isiguzo (Nzekwe had given him a fake name). My name is Chief Ekechukwu Ironna. “Oh! Chief Ironna. I was not expecting your call until Tuesday.”

“Yes, my flight got cancelled so I decided to ring you ahead of plan. So, what is the information you have for me?” “It is about your wife.” “What about her?” “She is cheating on you. Before I can give you the entire information though, I will need half a million naira from you.” “I always thought this was a hoax. Now I know I had been right. I am afraid, I have to go now.” “Don’t go! You will regret this. I am sending you a picture now. You’d see your wife in a hotel setting. If that is your wife, then you should be wondering which hotel that is and where. As I speak to you now, your wife is sleeping with a man at a hotel!” “What?” “Call her now! I promise you, if she takes your call, by tomorrow morning I will send you a recording of your discussion with your wife, because I know where she is now. I am a few feet from the room where someone is making love to her.” “I will call you back!” Ekechukwu said and hung up.

Ekechukwu called their house help immediately. “Ifeoma, is your madam at home?” “No sir,” the house help answered. “She said she won’t be back until Monday, sir.” “Where did she say she was going?” “She said she will be having a series of meetings with some clients, sir. She did not tell me where.” “She left you with the kids alone?” The house help did not respond. Ekechukwu hung up and dialed Chinyere’s driver immediately. “Where is your madam?” “I don’t know sir. I was supposed to drive her to the village, sir, but she asked me to take the time off.” “Okay, bye.” He hung up and called the security man.

“So, does Madam do this often when I travel?” He asked the security man. “I don’t know sir,” he replied. “Dange, you are my chief security officer. You need to be honest with me now, unless you want to lose your job right now!” Ekechukwu was yelling into the mouth piece. A cavalcade of sweat marched frenetically across his face. “Well, you know,” stop it and talk right now!!!” Ekechukwu cut in. “She goes out and stays out late repeatedly sometimes when you are not in town, sir, but she has never stayed overnight outside.” “Why didn’t you tell me?!!!” “I assumed you knew where she was, sir.”



Written by:
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