ADA ASABA – Episode 2

Chiedu had hoped to make a quick work of having sex with Awele, but somehow something beyond them took hold of them. Neither he nor Awele understood the full scope of the powers and ancient history they had plugged into. Chiedu was quick and eager to get the job done. On his part there was no desire to give pleasure to Awele. The moment he penetrated her, Awele felt a rush of overwhelming pleasure take over her body. Chiedu also felt a power surge. It was the sort of surge he had never felt in his years of bedding countless number of very nubile ladies. “This is different,” he whispered as he tried to control himself.

“You were born to do this,” Awele moaned, as she also struggled to control herself with each thrust Chiedu sent into her. A few more thrusts into Awele, Chiedu saw a blinding flash of light across his face. He was gone. Whatever happened next between him and Awele, he could not remember in lucid details. However he knew he did an extraordinarily good job because he continued to hear Awele’s loud moan as he was summoned to the sky by a man he understood immediately to be his ancestor, Odogwu Ozala.


“You have made us all proud today. You have set us all free and restored the broken hedge. We are all back in the land. Thank you my son,” were the first words spoken by Odowgu Ozala to Chiedu. “So I am indeed your descendant, great keeper of the ancient royal harem?” Chiedu asked in bemusement. “I have always tried to reach you through your dreams. I have always made efforts to show you the past and by that act warn you about the future. You have reopened a channel in the spirit. You have relaunched an ancient program of the gods. From now on, you must watch carefully for your life. They will hunt to kill you.” “Okay papa. I will do my best to stay alive,” said Chiedu as he beheld with awe the waves of resplendent light swirling around his great grandfather.

When he opened his eyes, he found himself pulling away from Awele and panting helplessly. From the look on her face, he knew he had pleased the princess beyond her expectation. “You are no ordinary man Chiedu. Indeed the gods dwell in you. The powers of old are resident in you. If I had the choice of who to marry, to make all over again, you will be my choice,” said Awele as she admired him deeply. “I have done my part Awele. I hope you will keep your word and not reveal who you think I am to the king,” Chiedu said with worry all over his face.

“Only a fool would do such a thing. I will never tell anyone who you really are. However, if you ever tell of what happened between us tonight, I will have you killed and your body cut to pieces.” “I have heard you princess Awele, and may the gods watch over our words tonight and deal with us wickedly if any of us dares to break our words.” “May it be so,” Awele said with the sound of satisfaction in her voice.

Her business for the night having been done to a great extent, Awele dressed herself up and sneaked out of Chiedu’s hut. Awele had planned her visit to Chiedu’s house to coincide with her menstrual cycle. If what she was told about Chiedu by the seers she consulted was true, she was certain that in a short while she would be pregnant with a baby. She had felt so much magical powers when he made love to her, to know that Chiedu was indeed a different man.

When Awele got home, the guards outside her hut were still asleep. Carefully she tiptoed into her hut and found Osadebe her husband still asleep also. Taking some powder from a calabash in her hut, she stepped outside and blew it in the air again and the guards began to groggily wake one after another. Back in her hut, she pressed her husband’s mouth open and applied a powder in his mouth. The potent powder which also served as an aphrodisiac would wake him up in a few minutes.

Done covering all her tracks, she went outside once more to have her bath; her plan for the night was not over yet. Just a few minutes after she returned to her hut from having her bath, Osadebe woke up from sleep with a feverish desire to have sex with his wife. Gladly, Awele yielded her body to him to do as he wished. Though his performance was light years behind what she felt when Chiedu had sex with her, she still moaned as loud as she could to give him the impression he was doing just fine.

By the full dawn of the day, Awele woke from sleep with a strong feeling inside of her that the barrenness which plagued her life for years had been broken. Though she had slept with two men the previous night, she knew whose seed she was carrying.

Isele Mkpitime 3:40 PM, August 15th 1847
The visions of his night had suggested to him that a child was due to come into his family and he did not want to miss the chance to have that child for the umpteenth time. On the ground he prostrated, pleading his case with Orimili, the great priest of the gods. “Once again I return to you to make request that you grant me the power to put a seed in my wife’s womb. Orimili, I plead with you to let Awele conceive and bear a seed for me. Return my seeds which you took and take some other thing. Has Awele not borne enough shame over a problem I brought on her by myself?” Osadebe argued his case.

From under the roiling river, Orimili rose and waded toward him. “Osadebe, when you came to me to make you a mighty war lord, you gave me the permission to take whatever I would from your life. In my wisdom I saw it fit to take all your unborn seeds. Why now do you bother me with this new request Osadebe?” Orimili queried. “When Asaba was on the brink of being destroyed, I did what needed to be done to save her. I did what any man who loves his fatherland would do. Blame me not Orimili. I did that for which you locked my loins so just Asaba would be saved. Look upon my good heart and reverse that which you have done. Take something else from life and unlock my loins Orimili,” Osadebe entreated amid tears.

“I cannot promise you that your loins will be unlocked Osadebe, but I will give your entreaty a great consideration. If by chance I were to reverse my decision and unlock your loins, what would you like me to take from your life for the power I gave you during the great siege against Asaba? While you are considering what to let me take this time, do not forget it was the great power I gave you which endeared you to the Asagba and opened the door which allowed you to marry Awele. Surely you have benefited from my gift to you.” “Yes I have. Truly your gift to me has brought me great blessings just as it has brought me the curse of childlessness.” Orimili squirmed his shoulders and frowned at the mention of a curse. “You haven’t told me what to take this time Osadebe,” he said. “Take my right leg Orimili.” “I will not take that Osadebe! Your leg is too little a price for what I gave you. I will take your life!”

“No Orimili! Please do not take my life! I refuse to give you my life!” Osadebe protested. “Then leave my presence! You have nothing more of interest to me! I cannot ask for Awele’s life, she is a child of the great Asagba. Rise and leave!” Orimili barked. Osadebe sprang from where he lay on the ground and stormed away from Orimili. As he made the long walk back home, he wondered if it was wise to refuse to give his life so Awele could bear him a seed. “I have a dream to live long and see my grandchildren. If I give my life how then shall my dream come to past? If I die Awele will remarry. She is still a young lady. Even in my grave I would not bear to watch another man touch her. She is my only gain for giving up my entire seeds to save Asaba,” Osadebe pondered aloud as he trudged home.

Back home Awele was filled with joy as she prepared mushroom soup for her husband. She could tell her life changed from the moment Chiedu penetrated and deposited his seed inside of her. To keep herself from moaning pleasurably in daylight, each time she recalled the sexual experience she had with him, she would squeeze her eyes shut and shake her head to rid herself of that memory. Since the previous night, it had occurred to her a few times if she should go back to Chiedu for a little more of what she experienced when he made love to her. “The gods forbid! It is already bad enough that I did it once with him. I cannot let my emotions get the better of me. I believe I have found what I wanted,” she would say to herself to stop the train of thoughts flooding her mind and pressing her to go back to Chiedu for more of the pleasurable sexual escapade she had with him.



Written by:
Uzoma Ujor

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