ADA ASABA – Episode 8

Ogolo the assassin was true to his character. As soon as he arrived at his rented hut, he asked his female companion to let herself into the hut while he went to hide Chiedu’s body parts. Before he set out to kill Chiedu, he had built with mud some place at the back of the hut to store the human parts till the next day. Done hiding Chiedu’s body parts, he made straight to what served as a bathroom and had a hurried bath. He could not wait to give expression to the depraved desire raging in-between his legs. Inside, the prostitute waited for him with as much bent desire as he had.

Outside the royal guard patiently waited. Having seen where Ogolo hid Chiedu’s body parts, all he needed to do was to wait for Ogolo to get into the act of bedding the slut inside. Ogolo was so degenerate that when he was in the act of having sex, he would not stop even if the house he was in was burning down. The royal guard was counting on this. Still sorrowful over the demise of Chiedu, the royal guard went to the place where Ogolo tucked in Chiedu’s body parts and put them into his raffia bag. Stepping a bit far from the hut, he began to make incantations to fortify himself. Done and satisfied with the incantations, he drew closer to the hut and listened as the moaning from Ogolo and the prostitute slowly rose to a crescendo.


That was his cue; Ogolo had reached the point of no return. Until he was done, there was no stopping for him. The royal guard lit a potent charm and threw it into the hut. As it burned, it emitted a very poisonous smoke. The royal guard was expecting the prostitute to run out first, he was certain Ogolo would follow her in a haste to finish what he had started. It worked just as the royal guard planned it. After a few terrible coughs, the prostitute broke free from Ogolo and ran out of the hut before slumping to the ground. Behind her, Ogolo followed, ignoring the obvious danger. His senses were only alive to the pulsating sensation in-between his legs.

Ogolo was about to mount the weakened prostitute yet again when he spotted a huge warrior brandishing a machete. The charm had not had as much effect on him as it did on the prostitute. He made a late effort to run into the hut and fetch his machete, but the royal guard gave him no such chance. From behind he plunged his poisoned machete into Ogolo, pulled it out quickly and sent a blow into his right shoulder. The attack carved his shoulder wide open, making it impossible for Ogolo to fight back. With one hand Ogolo held his stomach to keep his intestines from busting out. Having become harmless against his attacker, he began to make incantations, summoning the spirits which watched over him.

The royal guard would have none of that. He sent multiple machete blows to Ogolo’s head, neck, hands and thigh. Like a tree disconnected from its roots, Ogolo hit the ground as blood spurted from all over his body. On the ground where she lay, the prostitute watched on helplessly as her customer was rapidly sent to hell. The smoking poison had shut all her muscles down leaving her momentarily paralyzed.

Though Ogolo was in the throes of death, yet his lips moved. With one more brutal blow, the royal guard severed his head from his neck, and then proceeded to remove his tongue and private part just as he did to Chiedu. The royal guard had a plan. He knew he could not bring Awele to book for her crime, but mixing Chiedu’s head with Ogolo’s private part and tongue would surely have things in a mess for Awele when she would use them for whatever ritual she intended for. Carefully, he packaged the human body parts the way he wanted, and wandered into the nearby bush to bury Chiedu’s tongue and private part. When he returned, he dragged the prostitute back into the hut. He had no use for her and did not want to stain his hands with innocent blood. That same night, he set out for Asaba. The prostitute would recover by morning.

In the battle between the Igala bandits and Awele and her royal guards, the tide swung in Awele’s favour. Her royal guards were trained for war and many of them had seen one or two battles. Those Igala bandits were not at the same level with them. They were just what they were – bandits. Besides the knowledge of battle which tilted events in favour of the royal guards, something from the domain of the spirits took possession of Awele and turned her into a killing machine. She alone killed half of the bandits. The number of the dead on both sides was too numerous. The ground, trees and grass on that road to Onitsha were all soaked with blood, fresh human blood. By the time Osadebe and an army of Asaba warriors arrived, the few surviving bandits had fled. However Ojoma was not amongst the lucky few ones who escaped. Awele had attacked her with the intent to kill and made sure the ground sucked his blood on that dusty road. She had feared that he might divulge what he knew seeing how events had turned against their plans.

When the spirit which took hold of Awele left her, she went into shock, convulsing like a child. Straight from the battle ground, she was rushed to the shrine of the seer for immediate attention. Osadebe went berserk when he realized that his son was missing. A thorough search of the battle ground and the nearby bushes produced no trace of him. Almost all the wounded or dead royal guards and maids were found that day, but no trace of Edozien was found. Like a wisp dust caught in the wind, he left no trace behind. From being a happy father whom the gods had blessed with a son and a pregnant wife, Osadebe stared down the barrel of childlessness once again. Edozien was gone and Awele was in a shock. She may not only lose her baby, but might die in the shock.

The narrative amongst the people of Asaba concerning the missing prince, Edozien, was that those few bandits who escaped had left with him. Hunters and their dogs, native doctors and their charms were all deployed to find the missing boy. Warriors tracked the escapee bandits from Asaba into Onitsha and as far as Obosi. All of them were rounded up and yet there was no sign of Edozien.

Arrow of the gods
In the heat of the battle, there was much melee. A few brave royal maids would pick up Edozien to run off with him only to drop dead after running for a short distance. The bandits wanted the boy dead and had to press fiercely against the maids to kill the boy. However there was a maid who bolted off with Edozien and would not stop running through the bush. Three bandits intent on seeing the boy’s life snuffed out had given her a longer chase. Though the maid knew the bushes and farmlands inside out, her chance of escaping with the boy was minimal because she could not run as fast as she could while carrying Edozien. To fool her pursuers, she tasked her legs and managed to put some distance between herself and the bandits. Inside one of the man made caves in the bush, she dropped Edozien, removed his clothes and ran off with the clothes pretending she was still carrying the boy.

When the bandits saw her running with Edozien’s clothes in her hands, they concluded she still had the boy. Determined to kill her and the boy in her hand, they gave her another round of hot chase. In the chase, the maid unfortunately fell into a ditch. To the bandits there was no way the maid could have survived the fall, and so they left.

In the cave where the maid had left Edozien, someone was hiding there. So when the boy began to cry and tried to leave the cave, she grabbed him and covered his mouth. Her act was nothing more than maternal instinct loading into operation voluntarily. She could not bear to see the boy killed. While she held Edozien to her big, overdue pregnancy, Isioma heard a sound from behind her. Startled, she swung around with one arm raised in defense. The noise had come from a non-terrestrial intelligence; a spiritual being was standing right behind her. “The child in your hand is the arrow Anyaeke told you about,” the spirit said. Isioma looked at the child in shock. She had actually been expecting to find an actual arrow. “You must leave now, cross the river and raise the boy as yours in any of the lands beyond Onitsha.” “I cannot do that, spirit one. I am heavily pregnant and can’t travel to such a far place alone,” said Isioma.

“I will help you child. You should have had your baby long ago, but the curse placed on you by one of your old slave masters has hindered you. Now that curse is broken, by this time tomorrow, you shall give birth to your baby in Awka.” “So I am going to Awka? How will I get there?” “I said I will help you Isioma.” “If I may ask, spirit one, who is this child?” “You will find out in due time.” Stepping forward, the spirit touched Isioma on the forehead and in a flash she, Edozien and the spirit were standing by a bush track in Amawbia Awka. Right while she watched, the spirit transformed itself into a man. “Follow me,” he said. “I have a home for you, it contains all you had back in Asaba and will need here. Once in a while I will visit you to provide what you need,” he concluded as they walked.




Written by:
Uzoma Ujor

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  • Sally AugustineReply

    God bless the writer. Nice work. Awele you shall ripe your wicked act.

  • JecintaReply

    Look at how Awele stupidly lost her Child to thier enemy and he will revenge against them because Isioma will raise him well and tell of the hardships she suffered at the hands of Osademe and also the gods will be with him too.